CityVets is Exeter’s largest independently owned veterinary practice with four clinics across the city. With a commitment to providing clients and their pets with the highest standards of care, the practice now boasts a ‘Silver’ accreditation in the Cat Friendly Clinic scheme run by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

All of the CityVets clinics are members of ISFM which means they support the latest in feline medicine and research. But now accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic, the Alphington CityVets can offer an even better experience for cats and their owners. Welcoming you to the Alphington branch is veterinary surgeon, Sara Burke, and her team of nurses and reception staff. Cats visiting the Alphington CityVets will find a dedicated cat waiting area and a commitment from all staff to making the visit to the vet as stress free for both cat and owner. Other pets are still more than welcome and the team see plenty of dogs, rabbits and other pets alongside cats on a typical day.

Being ‘cat friendly’ means thinking about the world from the cat’s point of view, so you can expect calm, quiet handling, dedicated cat only visiting times, cat only equipment and a dedicated cat ward to allow hospitalised cats time to recuperate from operations and illnesses. All CityVets clinics across Exeter have the same cat friendly facilities and equipment and rolling out the Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation across all sites will happen very soon. For now, Alphington has led the way for CityVets and is the only Silver Accredited Cat Friendly Clinic in the whole of Exeter and East Devon.

All staff at CityVets are aware of cat friendly techniques and tricks of the trade to allow for a stress-free vet visit. Standard fifteen minute appointments give cats time to get used to the room, investigate in their own time and not worry that they will be pulled out of the cat carrier on arrival. Gentle and reassuring handling creates a safe environment for the cat to feel as comfortable as possible with an examination and this will often be performed with the cat in the bottom half of their pet carrier to help them relax. Each cat is an individual and the whole CityVets team are experienced in different techniques to find what each cat is most comfortable with when having procedures undertaken.

Most cats will patiently tolerate a visit to the vets when given the chance and the right enivronment! To find out more about any aspect of cat care or to book an appointment, call in to CityVets Alphington or telephone the friendly team on 01392 493999. The clinic is tucked away in a quiet, peaceful part of Alphington – the perfect place for the latest in Cat Friendly Veterinary Care.

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