Rubble was the grand age of 30 years and 8 months old when he passed away peacefully at home. Not only did Rubble have a very long life, it was a life filled with love and complete devotion from his owners.
Rubble joined his family as a kitten, so we can be sure of his impressive age, he was likely to be the eldest cat in the UK! It wasn’t just Rubble’s age that made him special, he enjoyed an active life, with plenty of cat naps, and remained very much young at heart throughout his years.
We feel previledged to have provided Rubble’s veterinary care, he has left a huge hole in all our hearts and will be forever remembered by his CityVets family. Rubble’s determination for life amazed us on a number of occasions, his long life is a testiment to the care and utter devotion from his family.
Rubble, your family are devastated to lose you, you will be loved, remembered & missed everyday.
Sleep tight brave Rubble xxx



In Memory of Fergus.
Fergus holds a special place in the hearts of all the CityVets team, especially Shaun and Ed. Fergus had multiple heath problems and visited regularly for treatment over the last few years.

Fergus’ quality of life has always been his family’s priority. His long life is a testament to his family’s devotion, love and the bond they share. Fergus’ family were by his side throughout all his health problems and were there for his final kiss good night.

Fergus’ family are gradually adjusting to a far quieter home. Fergus had a big voice and a big and giving personality that made him so easy to love. He has friends all over the world that will miss him too. He was the unofficial mascot of the first cohort to graduate from Peninsula Medical School Exeter. He even got his picture in the graduation highlights show reel!

It’s hard to believe to look at him that Fergus was receiving chemo treatment at the time this photo was taken, he was a true fighter.
Fergus will be remembered fondly by everyone at CityVets and will never be forgotten by his loving family ❤️


Rebus lived a long and happy life with his family. He was very much loved and brought a smile to the face of everyone he met. Rebus will be greatly missed.










Cora spent 9 happy years with her devoted owners. Cora was a loyal & loving pet & will be sadly missed.

Riley was a loyal friend and much loved member of his family. He spread joy wherever he went and always managed to put a smile on everyones face. He will be remembered fondly and missed everyday. Rest peacefully sweet Riley.

Renoir seen here sunning himself, sadly passed away aged 17 years. He is missed by his owners & his brother, Monet x

A Tribute to Rolo- The Best of Dogs

Six-thirty riser, Lover of sun

Scrumper of goodies, Fruit finder

Seeker of cuddles, Paw resting on our feet.

Best of dogs, Faithful friend

Good canine citizen- Gold standard

Wagging tail, never ceased.

Oak tree resting, Deep and dark

Missed each moment. Rolo, Best of Dogs.

In our hearts forever Loved.



Ch. Vanistica Live and Let Die at Jendarrus.

Champion, much loved member of the family and a dear friend.

Billy is missed every day and will never be forgotten by his family & all who were lucky enough to know him. Billy had cat Flu as a kitten but was taken in & cared for by his loving family. They gave him 5 happy years and he became a firm friend to the other cats in the household, the children in the neighbourhood and visitors. He had a HUGE personality, was very loving and non-complaining. Unfortunately he’s not looking his best here, with a weepy eye and snotty nose- just a reminder of the constant battle with his health, he was still very much loved despite of this. Sleep peacefully Billy x

Tyson always greeted everyone with a waggy tail dispite his long illness. Sadly his owners had to make the brave & difficult decision to say good night. He is dearly missed by his family & remembered with love.




Spud enjoyed nothing more than lazy days in the sunshine with his family. He is remembered with love.

Boris “Our Sunshine” was much loved & will be dearly missed by his owners & all who were lucky enough to have met him x

Beautiful Maddie will be remembered fondly by everyone at City Vets & will never be forgotten by her loving family x

Molly spent 13 happy years with her family. Her passing left a huge void in their lives but she left them with many happy memories which they will cherish forever. Thank for this beautiful card.

Chilly the chinchilla sadly passed away at the grand age of 18 years. He left his owners with many fond memories & nearly as many chewed skirting boards! Sleep peacefully old man xxx

Good night Lenny. A big cat with an even bigger personality. Sunday roasts won’t be the same for your family now that you’re not there ‘just to taste’! The house is empty without you, sleep tight Lenny Burger xxx

Luka’s owners sadly had to make the difficult decision to say good night for the final time. CityVets have had the pleasure of knowing Luka for eleven and a half years & we are honoured to call ourselves part of Luka’s extended family. He always greeted us with a waggy tail but then wanted to make a quick exit! Luka knew he could always rely on Nadia to give him a cuddle when he feltscared. Luka loved his sessions with Rebecca the physio & bravely tolerated acupuncture with Alison! He seemed to appreciate the care he received & liked to show his gratitude with the occasional friendly nip to keep Shaun on his toes!
Sleep tight beautiful boy, we won’t forget you xxx

Wimble, much loved & missed.

Tissue fought ill health very bravely but is now at peace & reunited with her brother, Wimble. She will be missed by all of us here at City Vets as we got to know her well over the years, but especially by her heart broken family who will never forget her. Sleep peacefully Tish xxx

Peter, seen here with his best friend “Mr Hippo” was a huge part of his family’s lives. You are missed Peter, sleep peacefully x

Pebbles fought illness bravely through his life with his loving family by his side every step of the way. They miss him terribly but know that he is now at peace. 
Thank you to Pebbles’ owners for the card, biscuits & kind words, we’re thinking of you at this difficult time.

Kerry broke her owners hearts when she fell asleep for the last time but she left them with many, many happy memories. Kerry was the dog with 9 lives, each one of them happy & filled with love x

Archie bravely fought multiple health problems for the last few years but fell asleep peacefully for the final time with his dedicated family by his side.
Archie’s determination for life amazed us on a number of occasions, Archie reached the grand age of 16 years despite two heart conditions, multiple tumours & arthritis. He loved nothing more than a walk (more of a plod in his later years) with his family followed by a roast chicken dinner! His body may have given up on him eventually but his spirit never did. 
Many of you will recognise Archie as he was the canine winner of our photo competition  and his photo appears on our dog vaccination cards. When you see Archie’s face on our stationary please think of him with a smile, he brought so much happiness during his life & that should continue.
Archie, your family are devastated to lose you but you will continue to be part of their lives, you will be loved, remembered & missed everyday.
Sleep tight brave Archie xxx

Phoebe had a long & happy life with her family, she left a cat shaped hole in their hearts when she fell asleep for the final time. They will miss her unconditional love & the sound of her little fog feet and unbelievably unmelodic meow’s. 
We have many fond memories of Phoebe at CityVets too. Phoebe use to bury herself in her blanket & grumble at Shaun when she came in! We grew very fond of her but the feeling was not mutual!
Rest peacefully Phoebe xx

Chocolate, better known as ‘Chockie’ is missed dearly by her family & friends. She had 14 and a half happy years & lived each one to the full. We always knew when she had arrived at the surgery because she had such a distinctive bark! Sleep peacefully Chockie, you’ve left behind many broken hearts but even more happy memories xxx

Solomon passed away at 13 years old to the day.
Solomon led his owners/servants a song and dance from the very first day right up to the last few days of his happy Siamese life. They danced to his tune from the start and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. He brought much joy & happiness to their lives.
Solomon has a special place in our hearts at CityVets too. He became a frequent visitor after his numerous fights with other cats & a refusal to keep an Elizabethan collar on! Solomon was a unique character & we will remember him most for being extremely vocal, his belief that everyone was there entirely to serve him & for being an utter gentleman. 
Your family & your extended CityVets family will tressure your memory, we are forever your loving servants xxx

Minstrel is now at peace. He was diagnosed with kidney failure but fought bravely for two years. We will remember Minstrel for his determination & strong character, his family will miss him everyday. Sleep peacefully little man x

Heartfelt words from Thomas’ family:
“Thomas was born on 30 October 2001. He came to us through our good friends in Suffolk and we chose him from the litter because he looked so happy and had HUGE paws!! He was the most gentle and loving dog who allowed each one of our grandsons to roll around and play with him without fear of him hurting them (and visa versa!!). 
When he broke his back leg and had to have TWO major operations, and wear a leg brace for months, he carried on stoically. Despite his health problems in later life, he was always ready to go for a walk, loved his food and wagged and wagged that tail! 
Thomas was the only dog we have owned and will never be replaced in our home. We loved him dearly and hope he loved us too. Losing him has been very painful for us but we are hopeful that he enjoyed his 15 years with us. He will always hold a very special place in our hearts.”

Frank is at peace after a long & full life at 19 years old. 
Frank was a lovely placid cat except with his feline neighbours – against whom he fiercely defended his territory in his earlier years! He was a loving companion to his owners & was always there to listen. Thank you for your loyalty & affection dear friend, sleep peacefully xxx

Beautiful Bella bravely fought many health problems but she enjoyed everyday. Bella was dearly loved by her family, she has left them with many happy memories.
“Bella our great friend and companion. We miss you”.

Layla was a real character and dearly loved by her family. Everyone who meet her instantly adored her, she gave so very much in so many ways. Rest in peace Layla.

Jackie’s family had to make the brave but difficult decision to say goodbye after 11 wonderful years. Jackie has left them broken hearted but with many happy memories. Rest in peace Jackie, loyal until the end x








After a difficult start in life Delilah found true happiness with her forever family, she repaid them by bringing them joy everyday. Her memory will live on in their hearts.

Angel was a rescue kitten from East London and a true fighter and survivor. She had a good and adventurous life and was very happy to be in the beautiful green Devon countryside. She was very loving, cuddly and could be bossy as a true Tortie! She is terribly missed. Thanks from us to Shaun and Ed and all the hospital nurses who took such good care of our Angel. Love from Anabelle and Matthew

Sadly Caffrey lost his battle with cancer. Both him and his family were incredibly brave throughout his illness & especially when the time came for them to part. Caffrey is missed by us all here at City Vets as we grew very fond of him during his treatment & of course by his loving & dedicated owners. Run free special man x

Treacle, much loved catand family member. He will be remembered by us particularly for his lighting fast reactions on the consulting table!

Gem’s family miss her terribly, she will remain always in their hearts.

Indy passed away with dignity in the comfort of his own home, surrounded by his family. The Heavitree team got to know him very well & became very fond of him after numerous operations as he had a habit of eating things he shouldn’t! He was always happy to roll over and show his stitches for a piece of cheese! His loving family miss him & will never forget their special boy xxx

Ollie is missed every day but brought his family many years of enjoyment & smiles. Sleep tight sweet lad x

MogMog had a long and happy life and benefited from a whole lot of love. Her family will keep her memories in their hearts x

Johnathan is now at peace after bravely fighting illness. He was an incredibly good natured cat who is remembered fondly by his family & us all here. Sleep tight Johnathan x

Nelson, seen here as an adorable puppy & in the prime of his life. He is greatly missed.

Monty bravely fought kidney failure, now at peace









Loving words from Toby’s family:

“Toby was the happiest dog in the world! We will never stop loving him. He was our life”