Rubble was the grand age of 30 years and 8 months old when he passed away peacefully at home. Not only did Rubble have a very long life, it was a life filled with love and complete devotion from his owners.
Rubble joined his family as a kitten, so we can be sure of his impressive age, he was likely to be the eldest cat in the UK! It wasn’t just Rubble’s age that made him special, he enjoyed an active life, with plenty of cat naps, and remained very much young at heart throughout his years.
We feel previledged to have provided Rubble’s veterinary care, he has left a huge hole in all our hearts and will be forever remembered by his CityVets family. Rubble’s determination for life amazed us on a number of occasions, his long life is a testiment to the care and utter devotion from his family.
Rubble, your family are devastated to lose you, you will be loved, remembered & missed everyday.
Sleep tight brave Rubble xxx



In Memory of Fergus.
Fergus holds a special place in the hearts of all the CityVets team, especially Shaun and Ed. Fergus had multiple heath problems and visited regularly for treatment over the last few years.

Fergus’ quality of life has always been his family’s priority. His long life is a testament to his family’s devotion, love and the bond they share. Fergus’ family were by his side throughout all his health problems and were there for his final kiss good night.

Fergus’ family are gradually adjusting to a far quieter home. Fergus had a big voice and a big and giving personality that made him so easy to love. He has friends all over the world that will miss him too. He was the unofficial mascot of the first cohort to graduate from Peninsula Medical School Exeter. He even got his picture in the graduation highlights show reel!

It’s hard to believe to look at him that Fergus was receiving chemo treatment at the time this photo was taken, he was a true fighter.
Fergus will be remembered fondly by everyone at CityVets and will never be forgotten by his loving family ❤️


Rebus lived a long and happy life with his family. He was very much loved and brought a smile to the face of everyone he met. Rebus will be greatly missed.










Riley was a loyal friend and much loved member of his family. He spread joy wherever he went and always managed to put a smile on everyones face. He will be remembered fondly and missed everyday. Rest peacefully sweet Riley.

A Tribute to Rolo- The Best of Dogs

Six-thirty riser, Lover of sun

Scrumper of goodies, Fruit finder

Seeker of cuddles, Paw resting on our feet.

Best of dogs, Faithful friend

Good canine citizen- Gold standard

Wagging tail, never ceased.

Oak tree resting, Deep and dark

Missed each moment. Rolo, Best of Dogs.

In our hearts forever Loved.



Ch. Vanistica Live and Let Die at Jendarrus.

Champion, much loved member of the family and a dear friend.